Welcome to Orleans Samples!

Please note:

We have refreshed the Orleans preview binaries on Microsoft Connect.

For an overview of what's new and changed, take a look here:

What's new in Orleans?

All the samples have been updated to work with the new bits. Remember to uninstall the earlier version of Orleans before installing the new version. We're still working on updating the documentation pages, so if you find something that is inconsistent, please let us know so we can fix it.


View the Build 2014 presentation on Orleans

This project is meant to serve as a convenient location to host samples and documentation related to Project "Orleans," which is available as a preview from Microsoft. At this time, the source code to Project "Orleans" itself is not available, but for your convenience, you will find the documentation, links to the preview binaries, and installation instructions on this project wiki.

The samples are described on the Samples Overview page. This is your go-to place for anything related to the samples themselves.

You can get the sample source code in one of two ways:
  • Clone the git repository and synchronize. This is the best way to incrementally pick up samples that are added to the repository, for example if you are making modifications to them and want git to merge changes for you. You will need a git client.
  • Download the samples as a zip file available by clicking the 'Download' button under the 'Source Code' tab. This is the best way to get the sources if you don't really care about tracking incremental changes to the samples.

What do I need?

To productively use the Orleans samples, you need to have a copy of Visual Studio 2012 or 2013. Trial versions of Visual Studio are available at MSDN. Note that the Express versions of Visual Studio do not support extension packages.

One of the samples, Twitter Sentiment, relies on a Node.js project for some of its functionality, as well as Twitter developer credentials. To use this sample, you will need to:
An Azure subscription will help with some of the samples, but is not required. Azure is available as a free trial. For the Azure-based samples, you will need to install the Azure SDK 2.2 for .NET. If 2.2 is no longer the most recent version at the time you do this, go to the 'Previous Versions' page on the Azure Developer site.

At the risk of stating the obvious, you will also need the Project "Orleans" preview binaries from Microsoft Connect.

Questions? Thoughts? Opinions?

Use the discussions and issues tabs to discuss topics related to the samples published here. Using them for things related to the Orleans preview itself is OK, but it's better to report bugs against the preview (as opposed to the samples) on the Connect site where you download the binaries. That repository is synced with our internal bug tracking tools.

If you are more comfortable contacting us privately, send us an email at 'orlprevsupp@microsoft.com'.


While this project is about samples for Project "Orleans," it may be useful to start by getting the background on the project.


Recent articles and blog posts about Project "Orleans".

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